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Why Did The Turkey Cross The Road?

By Teresa Fawcett, fourth grader

On Saturday at 3:30 p.m., there was a wild turkey on the side of the road at the intersection of Greenbay and Rockland. When we drove home at 6 p.m., we saw it again only it was on the other side of road. It waddled around and a lot of people were slowing down to look at it, and some people honked. But the turkey belonged to no one. It might have been from Crabtree Farm, or maybe it was someone else’s. We wondered if it ever made it home.


  1. Renee Obrzut says:

    About a week ago we saw about 6 of them on Greenbay Rd. and Forestview Rd. Oh, and yes, he was out and about on Saturday evening just chomping away on some greens.

  2. allison pasquesi says:

    The LBPO non-emergency number operator: “yes ma’am, we know about the turkey……It’s a wild turkey ma’am. He can go wherever he wants.” She sounded like she had received MANY calls.

  3. Dave Boss says:

    I saw the Tom and two hens at the corner of Greenbay and 176 Friday afternoon and the Tom again on Sunday afternoon.Quite the sight, Especially when the Tom faned his tail and spread his wings when somone tried to get them of the road.

  4. Steve Hardy says:

    I stopped by Crab Tree farm to see if this guy belonged to them and they told me that he does indeed. Apparently, all the birds leave the farm around this time of year to go find a place to mate (nest?) and most of the time, the majority return. The Rainbow Motel must not have had any rooms available…

  5. Julie O'Connor says:

    About a month ago we saw 10 turkeys in Tangley Oaks in front of the big wine company.

  6. Linda Hinde says:

    I saw the turkey on Saturday afternoon in front of the water plant. This morning I was telling my son about your story and are siting on Saturday when we turned on to 176 (west bound from Green Bay Road) and there he was on the north side of the road. Just standing there looking around.

  7. Marcus Norman says:

    About a month ago, my wife said she saw a flock of over 30 wild turkeys on the school grounds! Being skeptical that our area is rural enough to support such a larch flock, I figured maybe not. But yesterday around 4:30 we saw this turkey! Very exciting to know they’re around, but scary to think harm could quickly come to this fellow.

  8. Dee Tiffany says:

    And again at 6:50am this morning at 176/Greenbay. His crossing etiquette was im-peck-able, as he walked with the light and right in the crosswalk! Could we save some taxpayer $$ and hire him as a crossing guard?

  9. Diane Scott says:

    Saw him again this morning, directing traffic around the school on Green Bay. Silly bird!

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