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New Address For Lake Bluff Postman

Gary James's last day at the Lake Bluff Post Office is Nov. 18

After 22-plus years at the Lake Bluff Post Office, Gary James is being shipped to Glenview. His last day behind the Lake Bluff counter is Nov. 18, and his co-workers and regular customers are feeling gloomy, to put it mildly.

“Who will sing Christmas carols this year?” asked one customer as he stood in line waiting to ship a package. (Gary is known to belt out random holiday tunes to lighten the mood when the line is long, and even when it isn’t.)

“What will the wait be like in December?” asked another customer. “Why wouldn’t they wait a few more weeks?”

“I’m his day-wife,” said Gary’s co-worker Caronn. “We’ve worked together here for 22 years!”

“I’m shedding a cup of tears every day so I don’t have to cry a whole bucket full at the end,” said Gary.

He’d prefer to stay in Lake Bluff–he loves his co-workers and customers as much as he loves riding his bike to work every day from his home in far north Waukegan. In Glenview, he’ll take a train most days but plans to cycle at least once a week–a trek that will take two hours each way.

But Gary’s an optimist and he’s looking forward to the fact that his new schedule does not include Saturday hours.

“You’ve got to find the perk in everything you do,” he said, tossing an envelope of Val-pack coupons in the air.


  1. Oh no… He will be missed.

  2. Sad day in Lake Bluff as Gary always made waiting in line a joy with this smile and his songs. I wish you all the best Gary and will miss seeing you in LB.

  3. Ugh! Already driving all the way up to LB to mail with him! And now he’s gone. Glenview is even further away! This man has put the Vibe in “Day Job” and I will miss him dearly. Any business besides the USPS would be lucky to have him.

  4. George Moloney says:

    Gary – You will be missed. You are one of the most positive people I have ever met. Is there someone we can contact to see if they can allow you to stay in Lake Bluff?

  5. marco sangria says:

    I know Gary will improve the efficiency and the attitude in Glenview and make it a better place to be. He will surely be missed!!!!

  6. Gary, we sure will miss you. I think I’ll plan a “field trip” to Glenview with some friends, when I have some mailing.

    All good wishes to you!

  7. Barbara Mortimer says:

    Gary, you bring bright and shining light everywhere you go! Without your enthusiasm and contagious joy, LB Post Office will seem like the dimmer switch has been turned down.
    WE WILL MISS YOU!!! Godspeed!

  8. Marcia Wilheim says:

    I’ve missed Gary and Caronn ever since leaving LB. What a loss! All the best to you, Gary, you are one of a kind. And good luck, Caronn — hope you can keep that pretty smile without your ‘day husband’.

  9. Nicki Snoblin says:

    “I’m shedding a cup of tears every day so I don’t have to cry a whole bucket full at the end” … oh, Gary, will we ever miss you! I hope they appreciate you in your new location half as much as we do.

  10. You will be missed! You always put a smile on everyone’s face as they stood in line!

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