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Veterans Day in Lake Bluff 2014

Submitted by Lake Bluff American Legion Post 510

Lake Bluff’s American Legion Post 510 will conduct a 30-minute program at the gazebo on the Village Green at 9am on Tuesday, November 11, to honor all veterans. State Senator Julie Morrison and State Representative Scott Drury will read the names of local casualties. Post 510 Commander David Cimarrusti will host. Navy Captain Jo Anne T. Cunningham, will be the Guest Speaker.

Terry Leone, Lake Bluff Women’s Club Past President will lead the Pledge of Allegiance. Pastor Mark Hindman, Union Church, Lake Bluff, will deliver the Invocation and Benediction. Boy Scout Troop 42 will conduct the flag ceremony.

Lake Forest High School’s Band, directed by Janene Kessler, will provide music. LFHS student Meg Martin will sing the Star Spangled Banner and America The Beautiful. LFHS Buglers Helen Burkhardt and Mariel Aquino will perform Taps and Echo. Lake Bluff Middle School Student Council President Meghan Geraghty will deliver the Gettysburg Address.

The Rifle Squad from Marine Air Control Group #48, Great Lakes, lead by SNCOIC GySgt Robert Ferguson, will perform rifle volleys. A wreath will be laid at the Veterans Memorial. Refreshments will be served in the Community Room of the Lake Bluff Public Safety Building after the program.

To commemorate Veterans Day the Lake Bluff History Museum is sponsoring a display of military items from Lake Bluff residents. For additional information Contact Post Commander David Cimarrusti – 847-234-5261

Veterans Day Ceremony in Lake Forest 2014

Submitted by Lake Forest American Legion Post 264

Lake Forest American Legion McKinlock Post 264 is planning a Veterans Day ceremony beginning at 10:45 a.m. on Tuesday, November 11, at Lake Forest High School. The community is invited to attend the event.

Last Call For Coats: Mothers Trust Teens Needs Them On Friday

Submitted by Mothers Trust Teens

Mothers Trust Teens sort through donated coats on Thursday night, Oct. 30

Mothers Trust Teens sort through donated coats on Thursday night, Oct. 30


If you have coats in your closets that you no longer need, why not put them to good use by donating to the Mothers Trust Teens coat drive? The girls are delivering the winter wear on Saturday morning, and they are still accepting donations on Friday, Oct. 31.

This winter many families will struggle to stay warm because they lack adequate winter clothing. The girls are collecting donations of gently used or new coats, jackets, hats, gloves, scarves and mittens for infants, children and adults. Your donations will help people in need in the Lake County area and neighboring communities.

There is a donation box in the hallway in front of the Mothers Trust Foundation office at the Gorton Community Center in Lake Forest.

Mothers Trust Teens is a group of local teenagers working to make a difference in the lives of children who live just miles away from Lake Forest, Lake Bluff & Knollwood. The Teens are also welcoming monetary donations to purchase winter items.

For more information please visit or call 847-482-9189.

Opinion: Another YES Vote for Lake Bluff Park District Referendum

Editor’s note: This Reader Forum article was submitted by David Forlow of Lake Bluff. Reader Forum articles represent the writers’ opinions and not necessarily those of GazeboNews. We encourage you to comment on this article, but please include your full name per the GazeboNews comments policy.

GazeboNews Reader Forum

By David Forlow

I was a vocal “No” vote in 2010 when voters rejected a $10.7 million Park District referendum but I will be an enthusiastic “Yes” vote Nov 4th as our PD seeks $3.1 million by referendum. The primary reason I voted “No” in 2010 was that I felt the PD had not put in place a detailed long-term plan. But after the 2010 referendum was rejected the PD Board and staff rolled up their sleeves and got to work.

Two aquatic engineering firms inspected our pool, pipes and pumps. The bones of the pool were deemed in excellent shape but a new liner is needed and 2 leaks were identified, both of which can be fixed. An Americans with Disabilities Act survey was completed and a plan put in place to bring PD facilities into compliance. A consultant was retained and virtually every PD property and facility was examined – from parking lots, to roofs, to HVAC systems to lawn mowers. Several citizen committees were formed; I chaired a Task Force which helped craft a 20 year Capital Plan. Volunteers put together a plan for our beach while others got to work and formed a Friends of LB Parks Foundation to serve as a fundraising mechanism.

PD Executive Director Ron Salski and the PD Board then worked very hard to put all the pieces together and our PD has adopted a forward looking 10 Year Capital Plan. There has been a real shift in thinking from “want” to “need”. PD debt was examined and refinanced resulting in significant savings and staff levels have been trimmed. But despite the belt tightening, identified repair costs over the next 10 years will exceed resources.

If we could turn the clock back 20+ years we would have made certain that as each new PD facility was added, simultaneously a plan and fund would have been put in place to pay for inevitable future repair costs. But we can only look forward and make certain we don’t repeat past mistakes. I think our PD has done just that and I happy to vote “Yes” this time around.

David Forlow
Lake Bluff, IL

Opinion: The Ups and Downs of Election Laws … and Are Voters Being Tricked at the Door?

Editor’s note: This Reader Forum article was submitted by Lake County Clerk Willard Helander. Reader Forum articles represent the writers’ opinions and not necessarily those of GazeboNews. We encourage you to comment on this article, but please include your full name per the GazeboNews comments policy.

GazeboNews Reader Forum

October 30, 2014

Dear Editor:

With voting by mail open to all voters, Illinois permits any campaign to create their version of an “official request” form for a ballot by mail. The newest change to election laws is virtual, real-time tracking legislatively attached to every voter who asks for a ballot by mail.

When the forms are turned in to elections officials, Illinois law requires this information be pulled to a statewide Intranet site where all political groups can see. When ballots are mailed to the signer, the political eyes are watching. When the ballot is not voted nor returned for a few days, the political eyes are still watching. And knocking and calling again.

Beginning in June, door-to-door “vote by mail shoppers” have gathered thousands of signatures on ballot request forms. Even when voters explain they want to vote in person, voters indicate they were urged to sign the form “to make sure their vote counts.” Sounds so helpful, doesn’t it?

People apparently will sign anything to get a door-knocker to go away.

In the current election, a significant number of voters claim they never signed a form asking for a mailed ballot. Some signatures on the form are perfect matches. Others are not. Others merit investigation. Vote by mail requests also come via the Internet. That’s because another new law eliminated voter signature requirements, apparently as fair trade when the voter is tricked into giving the political eye a coveted email address.

Many who signed a ballot by mail request have come to vote early. Others will come on Election Day. They cannot vote twice, so a provisional ballot is issued to wait and see if the mailed ballot arrives. The provisional ballot process requires extra steps. Some voters accuse the election judges of being wrong. Sometimes the campaigns that created the situation send poll watchers to the voting site to shout voter suppression.

A voter is verified by a signature, whether voting early, Election Day or by mail. Voters can register on the Internet without supplying a signature. Ballots can be requested over the Internet without a signature. Currently, 13,000+ unreturned ballots are all over the county. The political eyes know where the unreturned ballots are. And it’s perfectly legal for the campaigns to confront the voter who hasn’t returned the ballot. The political eyes know who you are.

And exactly what is the value of the missing ballots? Priceless, some would say. The darker side of the elections world comes to light.

Willard Helander
Lake County Clerk

Lake County Sheriff’s Office Warns Residents of Phone Scammers

Submitted by the Lake County Sheriff’s Office

A new phone scam is on the rise in Lake County. Telephone scammers are stating they are calling from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office Warrants Division. The scammer tells the victim they missed jury duty and in order to avoid being arrested for Contempt of Court they must purchase gift cards in the amount of several hundred dollars.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office does not accept gift cards as a form of payment for bond or any other fine. The accurate number for the Lake County Sheriff’s Office Warrants Division is 847-377-4300 and is answered Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. People who receive a telephone call from one of these scammers should call their local police agency and file a report.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office is urging residents to be alert when speaking to strangers on the phone. Scammers are on the rise in Lake County and nationally. Some scammers appear to be very friendly referring to the victim by first name and asking about their family. Then the scammer tells the victim they are a grandchild or relative stranded in jail or another country. The scammer then asks for money to be wired to an account for bond or air fare.

If you get a call like this, take down the phone number and tell them you will call them back. Then call your local police agency for assistance in verifying if the call is a scam.

Other scammers are more hostile. In Lake County, a scammer claims to be Steve Martin from the IRS. Scammers claiming to be from the IRS or the U.S. Treasury tell victims they owe money to the government and that it must be paid immediately through a credit card, pre-loaded debit card or wire transfer. Those who refuse are told they will be arrested, deported or have their business license or driver’s license suspended.

The IRS and U.S. Treasury will not ask for credit card numbers over the phone or wire-transfers. If you get a call like this slam on the scam and call your local police agency.

Opinion: Don’t Forget To Vote!

Editor’s note: This Reader Forum article was submitted by Liz Bradner, co-president of the League of Women Voters of Lake Forest-Lake Bluff area. Reader Forum articles represent the writers’ opinions and not necessarily those of GazeboNews. We encourage you to comment on this article, but please include your full name per the GazeboNews comments policy.

GazeboNews Reader Forum


We’re hiring! As voters we need to decide who will do the best job for us right here in Lake Forest and Lake Bluff. Whether we are concerned about the economy, the environment or health care, we need to inform ourselves about the candidates for county office, state representative, governor, the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.

The League of Women Voters has made it easy: go to to find information on the statewide candidates and their positions on critical issues. Go to to find information on local candidates for the U.S. House and the Illinois House of Representatives. Then either early or on Tuesday November 4, vote! You can help decide what change will occur. All citizens have an equal say on issues and priorities that matter most. It’s our civic duty to make democracy work. We can do better than the 51% participation in Lake County in the last midterm election of 2012. Liz Bradner Co-president League of Women Voters of Lake Forest/Lake Bluff Area

Halloween Insensitivity: Enough With The Headless Decor

Editor’s note: This Reader Forum article was submitted by Phil Gayter of Lake Bluff. Reader Forum articles represent the writers’ opinions and not necessarily those of GazeboNews. We encourage you to comment on this article, but please include your full name per the GazeboNews comments policy.

GazeboNews Reader Forum


Phil Gayter of Lake Bluff saw this Halloween decoration of a dangling head outside a Lake Bluff home, and it made him shudder.

“Don’t people get it?” he asked. “Do they not listen to the news and hear about the beheadings of Americans on a regular basis? Do they not know about innocent people (and children) being slaughtered like this, in Syria? Are we such a spoiled and cosseted community that we don’t know the sensitivity here? Come on neighbor, open your eyes and ears. I LOVE Halloween too, but come on …”


Is this really what Halloween is about?

Is this really what Halloween is about?

Preservation Group Plans Architectural Tour of Genesee Theatre

Submitted by the Lake Forest Preservation Foundation

Don't be caught in line - Tours of the Genesee Theatre start promptly at 4:15!

Don’t be caught in line – Tours of the Genesee Theatre start promptly at 4:15!

The Lake Forest Preservation Foundation invites everyone to a guided tour of the 1927 grand Genesee Theatre in Waukegan on Sunday, November 2, from 4 to 6 p.m. You’ll view areas not seen by the public, learn the history of the glorious theatre and be treated to a glass of wine.

Members – free of charge
Non-members – $10 (may apply toward new membership).

Reservations requested. Please call 847-234-1230 or email

Free parking next to theatre.

Lake Forest Civic Orchestra to Perform with Lawrence Eckerling on Podium

Submitted by the Lake Forest Civic Orchestra

Lawrence Eckerling

Lawrence Eckerling


The Lake Forest Civic Orchestra is pleased to have guest conductor Lawrence Eckerling on the podium for its November 16th concert in Lake Forest. The concert begins at 4 pm, and will be held at Christ Church, located near the intersection of Waukegan Rd. and Highway 60.

Eckerling is one of four guest conductors chosen for the orchestra’s 2014-2015 season. He currently serves as music director of the Evanston Symphony Orchestra. The LFCO will chose one of its guest conductors at the end of the season to be its new music director.

The November concert, entitled “Comedy, Drama and Fantasy,” includes Grieg’s Peer Gynt Suite #1, Brahms’ Academic Festival Overture, and Schumann’s Symphony #4 in D Minor. Tickets are $20 for adults and $10 for seniors/students and are available both at the door and online at

Christ Church was chosen as temporary venue while the LFCO’s home, the Gorton Community Center, undergoes renovation for a state-of-the-art performance space. “We’re thrilled about the Gorton renovations and excited to return home in the spring, but meantime grateful that Christ Church will share its beautiful space with us,” said Howie Martino, president of the LFCO board. Formerly known as the North Suburban Symphony, the Lake Forest Civic Orchestra took its new name in reflection of is long-time residence in the Gorton Community Center and its dedication to the local communities.

The LFCO is engaging with a number of local entities this year to share great music with the community. At the LFCO’s September concert, students from the Music Institute of Chicago shared their talents during a pre-concert performance. The orchestra also sponsored music at a recent Lake Forest Open Lands event. “We couldn’t be happier about partnering with organizations of this caliber,” Martino said.

Please visit our website at to learn more about the LFCO season.