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Suzy’s Swirl Offers Black Friday Gift Card Bonanza

Sponsored Post: Suzy’s Swirl is making the holidays a little sweeter for customers with our annual Black Friday Gift Card Bonanza!

Suzy’s Black Friday specials are designed to help customers swirl frozen goodness year round.  We’ll be offering the following specials on Black Friday at both of our locations in Lake Bluff and Gurnee.

6 a.m. – 8 a.m. — Buy ONE gift card: Get ONE gift card of the same value FREE. Plus get a FREE CUP card valid Jan. 1st – Feb. 14th. For example – Buy a 10.00 Gift Card – Get a 10.00 Gift Card FREE – plus get a FREE CUP Card.

8 a.m. – 10 a.m. – Buy ONE gift card Get ONE gift card of 75% of value FREE. Plus get a FREE CUP card valid Jan. 1st – Feb. 14th. For example – Buy a 10.00 Gift Card – Get a 7.50 Gift Card FREE – plus get a FREE CUP Card.

10 a.m. until close — Buy ONE gift card Get ONE gift card of 50% of value FREE. Plus get a FREE CUP card valid Jan. 1st – Feb. 14th. For example – Buy a 10.00 Gift Card – Get a 5.00 Gift Card FREE – plus get a FREE CUP Card.

“Suzy’s Swirl gift cards are the perfect card for any occasion “ said Sue Tierno, founder of Suzy’s Swirl. “Over the years we have heard so many creative ways our customers have used their Black Friday gift cards!”

Suzy’s Swirl gift cards are great for friends, family and everyone that is special in your life. Gift cards are terrific for teachers, coaches, company events, friends in the neighborhood, men and women in uniforms and all those amazing people in your life that support you! The best part of Suzy’s Swirl gift cards is that you can swirl with them year round.

Suzy’s Swirl gift cards can be used for catering, birthday parties, to go orders and any special events when you want to celebrate with swirling goodness! Suzy’s Swirl gift cards are also terrific for boosting fundraisers, incentive programs and year round recognition events.

Suzy’s is open year-round and features gelato, Italian ice, gelati, sorbetto, old-fashioned custards, cakes, and pies. “Winter is one of our favorite times of the year” says Kathy Wood, founder of Suzy’s Swirl. “This is the time of the year we do so many fun indoor activities like FUNdraising, game night, kid’s craft night and several other fun events to warm up winter.”

Suzy’s Swirl is grateful for the amazing support from the wonderful and caring communities we swirl in daily. We wish everyone the Happiest Thanksgiving!

The Upside of Downsizing With Presbyterian Homes

Sponsored Post by Presbyterian Homes and Lake Forest Place: For many seniors, the decision to move from their home of many years can be understandably difficult. But, as both they and their homes grow older, things have a way of becoming unmanageable. The upkeep on older homes can often become more costly and strenuous as years go by, and that growing burden can have a drastic effect on retirement plans.




At Presbyterian Homes, they understand the many concerns people have about downsizing, and they’ve found a way to make the process as painless as possible for those making the move to their continuing care retirement communities like Lake Forest Place. They call it their Moving Assistance Program, and it has been specially designed to help new residents through the downsizing process, eliminating almost all of the foreseeable stress.
As moving day approaches, Presbyterian Homes works with new residents every step of the way – from planning to packing, to putting it all in place, just the way they want it.



Their team of experts helps with every detail, and provides simple moving solutions based on each new resident’s specific needs. These services include, but are not limited to:

A network of real estate professionals to help prospective Presbyterian Homes residents find the right buyer and the right price for their current home  Recommend improvements to make the current house as appealing as possible to sell

  • Hands on help organizing the move, including helping to decide what to bring

For more information about Lake Forest Place and other Presbyterian Homes communities, as well as their Moving Assistance Program please contact, Susan Jo at (847) 604 -8800.

Presbyterian Homes’ Helpful Tips For Organizing The Downsizing Process

  1. Consider keeping a list for each room and itemizing each possession in one of three categories — keep; discard (donate or toss); to be determined (try not to have too many items in this category)
  2.  Be ruthless – only keep what you truly use and those items with real sentimental value as you pare down your possessions.
  3. Family – are there possessions your family members could use? Would it make you happy to see these items in their homes?
  4. Your home – what makes your house your home? What brings joy? Keep those items.
  5. Kitchen – keep what you need and really use. Perhaps you don’t need all the extra pots and pans, containers, china or glassware.
  6. Library – books take up space and collect dust. Consider keeping just your cherished favorites. Sell or donate the extra books to a preferred charity.
  7. Linens – keep only what you use. Or, consider donating all of them to a worthy charity and buying fresh linens.
  8. Clothing and coats – you certainly have favorite apparel that flatters you and you like it. Why keep the rest?

Three Ways To Improve Recovery & Feel Better

Sponsored post by Fitness Together Lake Forest: In our stressful lives filled with work, family demands, exercise, and emotional stressors it is imperative to find healthy ways to manage it. Letting any type of stress build up can have a cumulative effect on your health, resulting in constant fatigue, lethargy, poor sleep, irritability, and a lack of progress in your fitness training. Thankfully, there are many ways to help your body and mind recover from stress and bounce back stronger. The following are my top 3:

  1. Soft-tissue therapy. This category consists of all the various types of massage and bodywork and any other implement you may use on yourself like a lacrosse ball, foam roller, rumble roller (a personal favorite), The Stick, etc. These tools can help to improve mobility, downregulate stiffness, promote relaxation, and manage any injuries you have going on. They are great as a standalone tool or as an add on to the beginning or end of a training session.
  2. Sauna. The sauna is one of the most underused and undervalued tools for recovery. Having been around for centuries around the world, they are now found in many gyms, wellness centers, and private sauna facilities. The heat can be very soothing, relaxing, and does a great job of promoting relaxation. On a more physiological level, the sauna improves cardiovascular mechanisms, increases oxygen delivery to skeletal muscles, increases red blood cell count, improves muscle growth, increases insulin sensitivity, and releases endorphins. Try spending 3-5 minutes at a time on medium bench, with some cooling in between for several rounds.
  3. Deep breathing. Controlling and slowing breathing can stimulate the parasympathetic side of the nervous system, which is known as the “rest and digest” portion. If you are feeling especially stressed out, spending even as little as one minute on deep breathing can help you to instantly feel better and control your response to the stress. An easy way to do it is to lay down or sit back in a chair with headphones on while listening to your favorite relaxing music. Then, inhale through your nose while letting your abdomen rise for a count of 4 seconds, hold for a second, and exhale for 4 seconds while letting your abdomen fall. Maintain this pattern of breathing for a song or two and you are guaranteed to stand up feeling better than how you started.

While there are certainly a myriad of ways to improve recovery and feel better, these are certainly the easiest and most effective ones to do on your own. Next time you feel particularly beat up and stressed out, be sure to include some or all of these in your day to day life and reap all of the wonderful benefits.