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Fit Tip: Should You Try Something New?

Sponsored Post by Fitness Together Lake Forest: Many of us stick with the same tried and true training plan for months and years a time. It becomes comfortable knowing that you can run a certain distance or pop in and follow along with a DVD and get a decent workout. However, what happens when the same workout program that got you healthy and fit is no longer working. Or maybe it never worked? You may be in a rut or plateau in your training without even realizing it. This means it’s a great time to switch things up. Are you experiencing any of the following?

  • Injuries. If you are constantly getting hurt, especially in the same body part, it may be a sign that you are either training improperly of that you are developing some overuse injuries from doing too much of the same training. If you run the same distance 4 days a week for years at a time at the same pace, the stress of running will eventually catch up to you, especially if you do no other supplementary training. Injuries are good chance to evaluate your training program and see what it’s doing for you. Training programs should make you healthy, fit, and resilient to injury.
  • Plateau. If you start a new training program, it usually works great early on. You make quick gains and find yourself improving your fitness dramatically. Eventually, the gains come slower but you still find them with due diligence in your training. Eventually, doing the same training over and over again will stop having the desired effect and you will find yourself without the same benefits you got early on. If you are measuring your progress (as you should be) and you don’t see yourself making progress, it’s a good sign that you may need to reevaluate your program.
  • Motivation. It’s easy to be motivated early in a training program. Everything is fun, new, and exciting. You enjoy the feeling of being active and of constantly making progress. As time passes, however, the excitement certainly wanes and you find yourself less willing to get started. You may make excuses and delay your training to another day, which often doesn’t end up happening. This is often inevitable and is a sign that you need to switch things up in your training to renew your interest.

At Fitness Together Lake Forest, our college-educated and certified trainers are experts at assessing to figure out the most effective way to achieve your goals. We use a variety of tools and training styles depending on the client, their training past, injuries, and preferences. The methods are constantly varied, adjusted, and assessed to ensure continued progress, health, safety, and fun. After all, the best training program is the one that you actually do consistently. Contact us today to set up a complimentary consultation!

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